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We conduct Immigration Medical Exam for Canada & CUAET Diagnostic Test across Lower Mainland, BC.

Please choose one of the following services to book your appointment online with IME Clinic Inc. Our panel physicians are experienced and registered to perform immigration medical exams and CUAET medical tests. Furthermore, we have multiple locations across Lower Mainland, BC.

Immigration Medical Exam Canada

All immigration applicants must take a medical exam as part of their Canada’s immigration process. Thus, the Immigration Medical Examination (IME) verifies the applicant’s health stability. Furthermore, the IME ensures that the applicant is healthy and will not endanger Canada’s Public Health. Importantly, only the Panel Physicians Registered by IRCC can conduct these examinations.

If your immigration process requires an IME, you have come to the right place! We have IRCC registered panel physicians across Lower Mainland, BC. Click here to learn more about IME Canada process.

IME Canada

IME for Refugees – IFHP

The IME is overall the same for refugees as it is for permanent and temporary resident applicants Canada. The panel physician will give you a physical examination and do a urinalysis. Then, he/she will refer you to do a chest x-ray and blood test. However, Refugees are exempt from all IME fees, including the fee for the panel physician and the fees for the special tests (x-ray, urinalysis, bloodwork). However, this is only for the first visit. If they miss the 30-day period after submitting their claim, they will need to pay for their next IME out of pocket. Click here to learn more.

IME for refugees

Important for CUAET Patients

Here are some of the important information relating to CUAET program eligibility and MSP direct billing. Click on the buttons below to read more. For further information please check our CUAET Guide.

CUAET Medical test
The Medical Diagnostic Test is ONLY for clients who arrive in Canada through CUAET and have been instructed to complete a Medical Diagnostic Test. Clients who are already in Canada applying for a permit are to complete a standard IME.

If you have been issued an IME form, a standard IME must be completed.

For further details please refer to the official IRCC website.

CUAET Medical Test is now covered by MSP. Individuals with CUAET documentation will not be billed for completing the required testing. IME Clinic Inc. will directly bill MSP for patients that are enrolled in the Medical Service Plan (MSP).

Patients who are not enrolled in the MSP can complete their enrollment first and then undertake the required tests. Alternatively, complete their required tests and then request reimbursement. IME Clinic Inc. will charge you $180 for the Diagnostic Test which you can reimburse from MSP.

Click here for more details!

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IMMLab to expedite your Immigration Medical Exam

IMMLab is introduced to expedite the process of your immigration medical examination. Located in New Westminster and Surrey, you can now choose IMMLabs near you for your urine and blood tests. Furthermore, by being in the same location as IME Clinic and Downtown Radiology, this makes it a one-stop-shop for your physical exam, urine/blood test and chest x-ray.

Important for CUAET patients; your blood test can only be conducted at LifeLabs for which you will be issued a requisition by IME Clinic after your physical exam. Full coverage for MSP will be available.

IMMLab New Westminster

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 4:30pm

IMMLab Surrey

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 5:00pm

IME Clinic Inc. pricing menu for IME Canada with required tests guide

We charge $200 for kids (aged 14 and under), and $240 for adults (aged 15 and above) for the immigration physical exam. Depending on your age you may be required a chest x-ray, urine and blood tests which are conducted and billed separately at x-ray clinics and laboratories nearby.

Below you can check which tests are required for your immigration medical exam, dependent on your age;

Age 0-4

Physical Exam

Age 5-10

Physical Exam + Urine Test

Age 11-14

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray

Age 15 & Above

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray + Blood Test

Locations Near You

Here you can find IME Clinics, Radiology Clinics and Laboratories near you. Scroll on the map to find a convenient location nearby.

Additionally, you can click the button on the top right corner of the map to pull out the list of X-ray clinics and laboratories near IME Clinic locations.

Please note that at IME Clinic Keefer, Surrey & New Westminster, the x-ray clinic and lab are located in the same medical centre.

*This map is not intended to discriminate or advertise any radiologist or laboratories in specific. IME Clinic Inc. has added those listings solely for its clients’ benefit and as to best of its knowledge.

Important information for all IME Clinic’s patients

Here you will find important information relating to your Immigration medical exam or CUAET medical test with IME Clinic. Click on the buttons below to read more. Additionally, for further queries please refer to our FAQs page.

  • Cash Only Locations – Vancouver (Chinatown), Vancouver (Dunbar), North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam & Langley.
  • Debit Only Locations – New Westminster & Surrey
  • Debit/Credit or Cash Locations – Vancouver (English Bay).

*Please note that no refunds will be given if the Physician has already seen you and made the medical exam with you.

Our Standard Processing Time of Case Submission to IRCC is 10 Business Days. You should expect your case to be submitted within that time. However, in case when extra tests are requested by IRCC, or in event of returned cases, the processing time May Increase! For further details on processing times, please refer to IRCC official processing times guidelines.

Request follow-up on your case

Click on the button below to directly email us a request to follow-up on your IME/UMI Case (only updates on case submission will be provided). In the subject line please mention “IME or UMI case follow-up” and within the text please mention your full name, phone number, IME/UMI number and name of the panel physician you visited. Please note that only request sent through this button will be replied with an update. Requests made over the phone or walk-ins will be re-directed here. Upon receiving your request, a member of team IME Clinic will get back to you within 24 – 48 business hours.

Medical exam results are submitted electronically to IRCC, who make the final decision on your immigration application. Please do not contact IME Clinic for the results of your medical exams.

Useful resources

To learn about IME Clinic and what we do, click on the “Get To Know Us” picture below. Get a complete guide on the CUAET test and help settle in BC by clicking the “CUAET Medical Diagnostic Test” picture below. Lastly, by clicking the “Registered Panel Physicians” picture, you can learn about our panel physicians, their locations and hours of operation.

About IME Clinic Inc.
CUAET Medical Diagnostic Test
IME Registered Panel Physicians

Client’s feedback and reviews

Here is what our clients have to say about our service, panel physicians, clinics and MOAs. Read to following comments to help yourself build confidence in IME Clinic. Additionally, please can check our page why choose IME Clinic for more information.

Patrizia, P. (Dec, 2022)


Great experience with IME Clinic in Burnaby for the whole family. Dr. Sharam Fasihy and his staff were very professional and kind , too. Highly recommend to anyone!,

Brenda, B. (Dec, 2022)


I visited this office for my medical PR appointment. Efficient Operation with friendly staff and Doctor! Thank you.,

Mershool (Nov, 2022)


Great experience overall! I would refer this place to the people that want to do immigration exams. the staff were friendly and quick.,

Sonny, T. (Nov, 2022)


Super helpful and informative. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to get their medicals done for PR!,

Aleksandr, S. (Oct, 2022)


It's nice clinic.The doctor conducted a medical examination quickly, answered all questions, I recommend!,

Chiu, T. (Sep, 2022)


I came here for immigration medical exam. The clinic close to skytrain. Dr. Fasihy was so nice and he answered all my questions patiently!

Tarun, T. (Aug, 2022)


Very polite, professional and knowledgeable staff!!! Amazing follow up service as well... Thank you.

Sati, F. (Aug, 2022)


Great personnel, friendly and professional Doctor.

Olena, F. (Jul, 2022)


Immensely grateful to doctor Vitaly Kubatsky for the appointment! Everything went at the highest level! Prosperity to your clinic and Peace 🤗.

Sara (Jul, 2022)


After having a great experience with this clinic, I referred two of friends to them for immigration exams. Both were very happy with the service. Very professional and respectful staff. Dr Fasihy was knowledgeable, kind and organized and performed the exam and forms without delay. I strongly recommend this clinic.,

Hiu, C. (Jun, 2022)


A clean and organized clinic. Got my IME done here in less than an hour, really professional caring and efficient. Highly recommended!,

Farivar, T. (Apr, 2022)


Amazing staffs, very friendly and helpful. You can find whatever you need in their clinic. RMT massage, Gym, Personal trainer, Medical check up, They did medical exams for my family and it was so fast and professional.,

Graham, B. (Apr, 2022)


Excellent, professional, diligent service. Transparent, honest, diligent, friendly staff. I had a medical for permanent residence at another medical center 3 months ago, and every step of that process was erroneous and unprofessional. So I came to this medical centre with a short timeframe remaining to repeat a permanent residencce medical. Thee staff were genuinely caring, thoughtful, showed sympathy and empathy, and really wanted to help me. Best service I've received in Canada.,

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with our online booking system