Immigration Medical Exam & CUAET in Vancouver, Surrey and all over the Lower Mainland.

Choose one of our following locations for your IME or Medical Diagnostic Test for Ukrainians via CUAET

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Vancouver – Chinatown
North Vancouver (Mondays & Fridays Only, Dr.Turban)
Vancouver – Dunbar
Vancouver – English Bay
New Westminster
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We Are Offering Special Pricing for Ukrainians coming to Canada via CUAET for their In-Canada Medical Diagnostic Test.

Please note that the Medical Diagnostic Test is ONLY for clients who arrive in Canada through CUAET and have been instructed to complete a Medical Diagnostic Test. Clients who are already in Canada applying for a permit are to complete a standard IME.

If you have been issued an IME form, a standard IME must be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Standard Processing Time of Case Submission to IRCC is 10 Business Days. You should expect your case to be submitted within that time. However, in case when extra tests are requested by IRCC, or in event of returned cases, the processing time May Increase! For further details on processing times, please refer to IRCC official processing times guidelines.

Payment Methods

CASH ONLY LOCATIONS – Vancouver (Chinatown), Vancouver (Dunbar), North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam & Langley.

DEBIT ONLY LOCATIONS – New Westminster & Surrey

Debit/Credit or Cash Location – Vancouver (English Bay)

Please note that no refunds will be given if the Physician has already seen you and made the medical exam with you.

IME Clinic Inc. Immigration Medical Exam

About IME Clinic Inc.

IME Clinic Inc. performs Immigration Medical Exams for IRCC and other non-MSP-related services. Thus, If your immigration process requires an IME, you have come to the right place! Our services are open for all immigration applicants; temporary and permanent residence, work permits and student permits. Furthermore, We have multiple locations in Lower Mainland BC., including Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, Langley, and More. We accept patients from all over British Columbia, and even from other provinces in Canada. Learn More about us.

IME Costs and Clinics.

The IME Physical Exam at one of our clinics costs $240 for adults, $200 for kids 14 years old & under.

For Ukrainians coming to Canada via CUAET program will be charged $220 for adults and $180 for kids 14 years old and under.

Additionally, people over 11 years old will have to pay for an Immigration X-Ray at one of the Downtown Radiology Locations (New Westminster, Surrey, Chinatown or Robson Square, Vancouver) for $105.

Finally, a urine test (5 years old or older) and a blood test for STI testing and Serum Creatinine test (15 years old or older) will be required for $12 for the Urine Test and $78 for the blood test at Lifelabs ($70 for Ukrainians via CUAET Program).

Panel Physicians for your Immigration Medical Exam

The Panel Physicians we work with are registered and approved by IRCC to complete and submit IMEs. Moreover, you can read further about Our Registered Panel Physicians and visit them at their Clinics.

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Our aim is to make your IME process easy, quick and comfortable for you. Besides this, there are many reasons why you should book your IME with us. Learn more why we are the best option for your Immigration Medical Exam.

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