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IME Clinic pricing menu with required tests guide

We charge $200 for kids (aged 14 and under), and $240 for adults (aged 15 and above) for the immigration physical exam. Depending on your age you may be required a chest x-ray, urine and blood tests which are conducted and billed separately at x-ray clinics and laboratories nearby.

Refugees are covered under the IFHP Program. Therefore, they are exempt from all IME fees. However, this is only for the first visit (within 30 days).

Ukrainians coming to Canada via CUAET program are covered under MSP for their mandatory in-Canada medical diagnostic test. At IME Clinic we will directly bill MSP for the cost. However, if you are not registered by MSP yet, you will have to pay for your test, which you can later claim MSP for reimbursement. Click here to learn more.

Below you can check which tests are required for your immigration medical exam (IME), dependent on your age;

Age 0-4

Physical Exam

Age 5-10

Physical Exam + Urine Test

Age 11-14

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray

Age 15 & Above

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray + Blood Test

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Please note that at IME Clinic Keefer, Surrey & New Westminster, the x-ray clinic and lab are located in the same medical centre.

*This map is not intended to discriminate or advertise any radiologist or laboratories in specific. IME Clinic Inc. has added those listings solely for its clients’ benefit and as to best of its knowledge.

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