IME Clinic Inc’s Code of Conduct & Professionalism

Updated on 30th December, 2022

Please read our Code of Conduct and Professionalism to understand the standards we expect our partners to follow, as legal & ethical regulations.

Dear Fellow Partners,

Since the beginning of 2020, the size of IME Clinic Inc. has increased considerably. We now have clinics everywhere in the Lower Mainland, BC and are expanding quickly with new projects and partnerships all over Canada.

As we see our growth and prepare for future challenges and successes, we recognized that you, our partners, are essentials.

Moreover, how we conduct with one another – our fellow partners, doctors, patients, MOAs, communities, suppliers, and shareholders – directly reflects how everyone sees us.

Thus, the reputation of IME Clinic Inc. is our responsibility, and we are all responsible for supporting the company’s essential values.

These values are part of ethical conduct and require compliance with the law.

Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce you to the Code of Conduct and Professionalism that will reflect IME Clinic Inc. as a safe workplace; where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and humility.

Thank you for your partnership,

Best Regards,

Clémence Busatto, Chief Executive Officer


The Code of Conduct and Professionalism will provide an overview of the standards we expect you to follow daily, with legal and ethical regulations. Refer to your manager or the Chief Executive Officer for any questions or concerns.

If you believe that these standards are not being met or have any relevant questions and queries, please ask for guidance and voice your concern.

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  • Our Partners

IME Clinic Inc. promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices, makes recruiting decisions based solely on job-related criteria, and does not use forced labour.

We treat each other with respect, dignity, and humility, which means; all our partners are entitled to work in an environment free of harassment, bullying and discrimination as per the guidance of the government of BC under the Workers Compensation Act.

Harassment, bullying, and discrimination take many forms, including:

– Unwelcome remarks, gestures, or physical contact

– The display or circulation of offensive, derogatory, or sexually explicit pictures or other materials, including by email or on the Internet

– Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo)

– Verbal or physical abuse or threats

  • Our Patients

At IME Clinic Inc., we make our patients feel safe and welcomed. We treat our patients the same way we treat each other; with respect, dignity, and humility.

We never harass or discriminate against our patients.

Every doctor working under IME Clinic needs to comply with the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) Code of Ethics and Professionalism.

We create an environment that includes everyone, respects their abilities, strengths, and differences, and promotes diversity.

  • Workplace Health, Safety and Security

As per the guidance of the government of BC under Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, all our partners are expected to follow all safety rules and practices, take necessary steps to protect themselves and other partners, report all accidents, injuries and unsafe practices or conditions immediately.

  • Substance and Weapons

While on duty at IME Clinic Inc., partners are strictly prohibited from the usage of substance abuse and weapons. Furthermore, you are not permitted to consume or carry alcoholic beverages at the workplace or appear at work under the influence of alcohol, except where alcohol is allowed explicitly on social events. You may also not carry or consume illegal drugs or controlled substances while on the job-related activity at IME Clinic Inc. Partners must be “Fit for duty” (as defined by Government of BC) when reported to work. Anyone found not “Fit for duty” will be sent home immediately and may lead to termination of the contract with the company in case of a regular occurrence.

  • Wage and Hour Rules

IME Clinic Inc. strictly follows wage and hours regulations as per the Employment Standards Law in BC. We make every effort to ensure that our employees are paid for every second they work. To help us provide our employees are paid accurately, we follow the Clock-In Clock-Out measure through which our employees are paid as per the time they worked and are compensated for any additional hours worked as Overtime Pay.

Any additional hours worked (if willingly) by our employees, regardless of their position/rank in the company, will be entitled to Overtime Pay. Under any given circumstance, working off the clock is prohibited by IME Clinic Inc. business practice and procedure. Therefore, any such request must be immediately reported to your Operations Manager or the Chief Executive Officer.

For Vacation pay, everyone is entitled to get at least 14days of vacation pay per year, or more, depending on the Employment Contract that each employee signed.

Those days will be cumulated over time and up to 28 days total. So, for example, you cannot take vacations for two years and collect 28days total. After that, the vacation pay will be added to the salary, but no more days will be cumulated, as the maximum cumulation is 28days.

Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence: Any request for an unpaid leave needs to be pre-approved by the Operations Manager or CEO.

The approval of such unpaid vacation will be considered upon consideration of the following factors:

  • Work Load at the time
  • Availability for replacement
  • Effect on the quality or delivery of the service
  • Previous requests by the same individual

Harassment Policy

IME Clinic Inc.’s harassment policy does not intend to restrict social interactions between IME Clinic Inc.’s staff and guests. Furthermore, this policy is in addition to and does not substitute for an individual’s rights under the BC Human Rights Code.


Harassment is one or a series of incidents involving unwelcome comments or behaviour that may be related to a person’s race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, age, sex (including gender, sexuality, and pregnancy) and/or sexual orientation.


The purposes of this policy are:

– to maintain a working environment that is free from Harassment
– to alert staff, partners, and guests to the fact that workplace harassment violates human rights law
– to set out the types of behaviour that may be considered offensive
– to establish a procedure for receiving and dealing with complaints of harassment

Commitment and Application

IME Clinic Inc. is committed to providing a healthy work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We strongly believe every individual has the right to participate and work in an environment which promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices.

Furthermore, Harassment is a form of offensive, degrading and threatening discrimination. It is prohibited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and human rights legislation in every province and territory of Canada. In its most extreme forms, Harassment can be an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Act of Harassment includes, but are not limited to, verbal conduct, written conduct, visual conduct, and physical conduct. Harassment, including Sexual Harassment, can occur between males, between females, or between males and females.

This policy applies to everyone associated with IME Clinic Inc.’s business activities, including all employees, partners, directors and clients. If you face any (intentional or unintentional) harassment act, please report it to the Operations Manager or Chief Executive Officer at your earliest convenience. We encourage reporting all incidents of Harassment, regardless of who the offender may be.

IME Clinic Inc. does not tolerate Harassment activities under any circumstance.


  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations

IME Clinic Inc. is fully committed to complying with the Laws and Regulations set by the Government of BC. We encourage our partners to comply fully with the rules and regulations set out while performing their assigned duties.

Suppose you notice any existing conflicts between the standards set out by IME Clinic Inc. and applicable rules and regulations. In that case, you must immediately consult your Line Manager or the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, even in case of any general query relating to the legality of your or other partner’s conduct, you must consult the management of IME Clinic Inc.

  • Interaction with the Government

IME Clinic Inc. strictly follows procedures to comply with the Law of BC while working with government officials. Under any interaction with them, we must follow high ethical and legal standards. Our partners are strictly prohibited from offering gifts of any kind or making any favourable payments in order to facilitate or influence the government officials. Such acts are not permitted as per the IME Clinic Inc. policy and may lead to termination of the contract immediately.

Our policy deals with valid governmental requests fairly, promptly, and honestly. However, in case of a situation where a government officer or regulatory representative contacts you for information or to submit an inspection, you must immediately notify your Line Manager and request guidance for appropriate actions.

While dealing with government officials, partners must be fair and honest. You should not provide any false information or encourage your fellow partners to do so. You must also not guide or encourage your fellow partners to destroy any relevant information to the investigation.

  • Sales Practices and Advertising

IME Clinic Inc. competes with present and potential competitors on merit through our sales practices and advertising procedures. We follow communication procedures to interact with our current and potential clients are based on truthfulness and accurate information. The information we provide to our clients is produced with complete accuracy. We only advertise the services we provide our clients, not that we can not substantiate with. We do not aim to gain an advantage over our competitors with false information or marketing techniques.

  • Fair Competition

The Competition Act of Canada is strictly complied with by IME Clinic Inc. to prevent the anti-competitive practice in the market. We promote open competition and establish our business decisions free from information and understanding received by third parties to maintain fair competition in the market. Therefore, we believe it is vital to comply with the Competition Act of Canada. Thus, while carrying out duties, our partners must:

– Not discuss or disclose our pricing and proceeding measures with competitors

– At all times, maintain consistency in our services as per our core values

– Not attempt to build any conflicts or disagreements with our existing partners through the involvement of a third party

– Never act in a manner to control market prices or attempt to restrict competitors entering the market.

  • Conflict of Interest

All our partners must avoid conflict of interest. It arises when your personal interest and activities interfere with the interest of the company. While performing assigned duties, partners must comply code of practice with pure honesty and dignity. In case of the tasks assigned to you do not comply with your personal interest, it may be considered a conflict of interest. In some cases, it arises unconsciously where your acts may be questioned. In other instances, it may be caused due to your involvement with other business activities and practices that conflict with our business procedures. In such a situation, the partner must disclose the conflict or potential conflicts immediately to the Line Manager or directly to the Chief Executive Officer of IME Clinic Inc.

Some of the examples which may arise a conflict of interest are:

– Involvement with other businesses which may not be in favour of our business practices.

– Making investments in businesses that may not be in favour of our business practices.

– Directly dealing with our present and potential customers or referring them to other businesses with similar business activities.

  • Gift and Entertainment

A physical gift or a monetary value in the form of a facility should not be given to our clients or accepted by our partners given from them. This may create a sense of influence or a compromise on your professionalism. Therefore, only gifts assigned for distribution by the Chief Executive Officer may be given as a standard business courtesy (loyalty discount coupons, referral discount coupons, etc.).

Exchange of gifts is permissible between the partners given that it is based on the specified occasion (birthday, anniversary, promotion, festival).

Encouraging entertainment activities with our present and potential clients is also not permissible by IME Clinic Inc. to its partners. This may lead to a conflict of interest for you and influence its relationship with its client.

  • Securities

IME Clinic Inc. follows a flat hierarchy structure where our partners are encouraged to share their business operations views and help grow towards prosperity. With this open business practice, you will be shared with our essential and confidential information, which may not be shared with our clients, competitors, and third-party operators. Information shared with you may be referred to as Not-For-Public information and must always be kept confidential.


  1. Confidential Information

During your tenure at the IME Clinic Inc., you will gain knowledge of our core business practices. In addition, you will be shared with important information that may only be for internal business operations and must not be displayed publicly. We trust and value our partners, and therefore, we follow a flat hierarchy structure to encourage all our partners to share their views and participate in business growth equally.

Thus, we share our valuable information with our partners to achieve this. Our partner’s core responsibility is to maintain our trust and confidentiality of the information shared with them. The confidential information which should not be shared publicly may include, but not restricted to:

– Our Client’s name, address, and other official information.

– Our business partner’s information and proceedings

– Our future business expansion plans and procedures

Confidential information shared with you must:

– Be stored discreetly where it is not accessible by anyone else

– Marked confidential

– Not be discussed in public surroundings

  • Other Intellectual Property

The things you create for IME Clinic Inc. (may or may not be as part of your assigned duties) belong to the company. This may include but is not limited to research, content creation, artwork designing or even ideas that you may share for business growth. The work created using the company’s resources and information during your paid time for company usage may be classified as the company’s property and must not be shared or disclosed to any third party. It should be kept confidential and must be created in the best interest of the business.

  • Use and Retention of Company Records

IME Clinic Inc. records and non-public information (print and electronic) must always be stored securely by the partners while simultaneously ensuring that it is managed efficiently and effectively and complies with the legal and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, if you are required to prepare, maintain or use the company’s records, it is your responsibility to produce reliable and accurate information and store it securely after usage.

Company records and operational information must not be destroyed or discarded by the partners. It must be kept securely and must only be discarded by the authorized management after the storage period as defined by the Government of Canada. All information subject to a legal hold must be preserved and not knowingly discarded or destroyed.

  • Books and Records

The books of account, corporate records, and financial statements of IME Clinic Inc. must be produced with accuracy. Costs, sales, revenues, and expenses must be recorded in the profit and loss statement in the right time frames. Likewise, the company’s assets, equities and liabilities must be valued accurately in the statement of financial position at the year-end financial reports. A transaction must not be recorded in the books of account by partners until it has been completed and can be proved with agreement evidence. A transaction recorded without physical evidence would be a misrepresentation of record.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to our code of conduct and professionalism, please feel free to contact us via Call or Email.

Furthermore, to learn more about our business operation, privacy policies and terms and conditions, please head onto the relevant page.