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CUAET Medical Diagnostic Tests in Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam & More

Ukrainians and their family members coming to Canada from overseas via CUAET are exempt from completing an immigration medical exam (IME) overseas, if applicable, but may be required to complete and pay for a medical diagnostic test within 90 days of arrival in Canada to screen for reportable infectious diseases (chest x-ray or suitable alternative and blood test). Thus, if your immigration process requires an In-Canada Medical Diagnostic Test with an IRCC-registered panel physician, you can book online with us. We have multiple locations across Lower Mainland, BC including Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Langley & More.

IMPORTANT: MSP physical card or letter of confirmation + MSP number must be physically presented to IME representative for direct billing. If you do not bring your physical card / letter with you on the day of your appointment, unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed with your medical test for free. You will have to pay $180.00 for your CUAET Diagnostic Test to IME Clinic. You can request MSP for reimbursement later.

Important for CUAET Medical Tests

Here you will find important information relating to your CUAET medical test. If you are unsure about your eligibility for CUAET test, please click on the “Eligibility” button below to learn more. Furthermore, CUAET medical tests are now covered by MSP. Click on the buttons below to learn more about direct billing and how to request reimbursement.

The Medical Diagnostic Test is ONLY for clients who arrive in Canada through CUAET and have been instructed to complete a Medical Diagnostic Test. Clients who are already in Canada applying for a permit are to complete a standard IME.

If you have been issued an IME form, a standard IME must be completed.

For further details please refer to the official IRCC website.

MSP now covers CUAET Medical Test. Individuals with CUAET documentation will not be billed for completing the required testing. IME Clinic will directly bill MSP for patients enrolled in the Medical Service Plan (MSP).

An MSP card or letter of confirmation with an MSP number must be physically presented on the day of your appointment. 

Patients not enrolled in the MSP can complete their enrollment first and then undertake the required tests. Alternatively, complete their required tests and then request reimbursement.

CUAET Medical Test is now fully covered by MSP for patients that are enrolled in the plan.

Patients who have already completed and paid for their CUAET medical test in the past 90 days can request MSP for reimbursement.

Click Here to access the reimbursement request form.

Please note that you may be required to pay $100 cash or $105 card and then request MSP for reimbursement (only partial reimbursement may be available). Please confirm the amount and reimbursement procedure before visiting IMMLabs. Alternatively, you can complete your tests at Lifelabs for full MSP coverage.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information or need assistance with our online booking system

Informative Guide for newly arrive Ukrainians

This informative guide by IME Clinic will help you settle, gain information, and apply for necessary documents as you newly arrive in B.C.

  • Welcome To British Columbia

    With a total provincial population of 5.2 million people, British Columbians welcome and support you and your family moving to Canada. Home to more than 200,000 Ukrainian Canadians, you will find the Ukrainian community in all cities across B.C.

    While BC’s largest urban area, Metro Vancouver, is home to the most prominent Ukrainian community, others you can find in cities like Kelowna, Victoria, Kamloops, Vernon, Chilliwack, and Prince George.

    As per your preference, you can choose one of these community groups to get you to help start your life in Canada.

  • Apply for Medical Service Plan (MSP)

    BC offers free health care coverage to all residents. To access health care services, you must enroll in the B.C. Medical Services Plan with which you can access emergency health care in B.C.

    Click here to apply for MSP!

    Note* – for CUAET Medical Test direct billing to MSP, you must be enrolled in the Medical Service Plan (MSP).

  • Apply for Social Insurance Number (S.I.)

    As a new immigrant, you must apply for Social Insurance Number as soon as you arrive in Canada. Whether you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary resident, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada or receive government programs, benefits, and services. Anyone aged 12 or above can apply for SIN.

    Click here to apply for your SIN!

  • Check your eligibility for coverage under BC PharmaCare

    MSP covers not all prescription drugs. While MSP pays for required medical services, PharmaCare helps pay for eligible medications, medical devices and supplies, and pharmacy services. Furthermore, the PharmaCare plan is based on income. With less income, you will have more coverage. Thus, as a new immigrant, with low means of income, you may be covered by PharmaCare.

    Lear more about BC PharmaCare for Ukrainians (CUAET) arrivals!

    Note* – you must apply for MSP and S.I. before registering for Pharmacare

  • Open up a Bank Account

    Within your initial few weeks, you must open a bank account at any of your preferred financial institutes. Some major banks in Canada are CIBC, T.D., Scotia, RBC, and BMO. To open a bank account, you must visit a bank and show identification such as a passport, a driver’s license, a SIN, or another acceptable document.

  • Get Financial Assistance from Federal Government and B.C. Government

    Temporary financial support is available from the Government of Canada and the B.C. government. If you arrived under CUAET, you should apply for both programs.

    If you arrived or are staying in Canada through CUAET, you may be able to get a one-time payment of $3,000 for each adult (18+) and $1,500 for each child (under 18). Click here to review eligibility and apply online!

    You can apply for temporary hardship assistance for up to 6 months. Payments are based on need and family size. Click here to review eligibility and learn how to apply!

    Note* – Active Canadian Bank Account is required.

  • Find Jobs as you arrive in Canada

    Are you looking for a job in Canada? Many Canadian businesses have posted jobs for the Ukrainian Community on Job Bank, the Government of Canada’s free-to-use online job board. This is to help and support Ukrainians to find skilled-related jobs with market-competitive salary packages.

    Click here to access the job-seeking portal!

  • Avail Free Language Classes funded by the Govt. of Canada

    Firstly, you can take a free online self-assessment language test before or after you arrive in Canada. This test will give you an idea of your language level. Moreover, the test results are not official and only for your information. Furthermore, following the test, if you feel the need to take language classes, you can choose any from the ones listed here!

    Note* – The organizations mentioned in the above list can even help to look for a job, find a place to live, sign up your kids for school and even help you learn more about community services.

  • Stay Safe from Covid-19

    Firstly, if you are not Covid-19 vaccinated, please get your vaccine shots at your earliest. Using the Get Vaccinated System, you can receive covid-19 vaccination in Canada. Click here to register now!

    If you are fully vaccinated from your country, you can request Federal Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination by Calling Health Gateway BC and providing the necessary details and documents.

    Lastly, if you feel symptoms of Covid-19, please ask someone to get you free Covid-19 self-testing kits from a local pharmacy.

We hope you found our guide informative and helpful.

While we wish you all the best for your life ahead in Canada, our heart goes out to the ones lost during these hard days.

CUAET Medical Diagnostic Test is now fully covered under MSP. If you are enrolled in the Medical Services Plan with a CUAET document, you will not be billed. We will bill MSP directly. However, if you have not enrolled yourself yet, you can either complete their enrollment first and then undertake the required tests. Or alternatively, complete their required tests and then request for reimbursement.