IME Guide by IME Clinic Inc. step-by-step

IME Clinic Inc’s Step-by-Step IME Guide will help you to understand Immigration Medical Exam for Canada Immigration.

You will find all the necessary info here! You can do an IME (Immigration Medical Exam) in a few steps. Follow our Step By Step IME Guide to get your IME for Canada Immigration conducted quickly.

Firstly, Book Your Appointment. Learn about Our Registered Panel Physicians and Our Locations before you book.

Step 2. Medical Exam

Secondly, prepare for your medical exam. Please arrive a few minutes early. Additionally, the IME may include but is not limited to:

  • Vision Test
  • Urine Sample Collection

Step 3. Chest X-Ray

Then, you will be given a requisition for a Chest X-Ray (conducted at Downtown Radiology)

Step 4. Blood Test

Lastly, you will be given a requisition for a Blood Test (Conducted at LifeLabs)

On the day of your IME, please make sure you bring along the following with you:

  • Valid government-issued identification such as a passport or Canadian driver’s license
  • The IMM1017 form – note: You don’t need this form for an upfront medical exam
  • All prescription medication, names, and dosages (if applicable)
  • Glasses for the vision test (if applicable)
  • A translator if your booked panel physician does not speak your language and requires one for your assistance.
  • Payment. ($240/adult, $200/kid under 15 years old)

As well, you do not need to do any special preparations, such as fasting for your IME. However, you will need to drink a glass of water one hour before your urinalysis appointment (conducted at some of our clinics, for others at LifeLabs).

Required tests for Immigration Medical Exam

Here is a tab helping you understand who needs to do which test, depending on how old you are:

IME Guide

We hope our Step By Step IME Guide have helped you understand the Immigration Medical Exam process. However, If you need any other information about the IME, your application or the panel physician, please feel free to get in touch with us via Call or Email.

Moreover, you can visit our FAQ page, or have a look at our Immigration Resources for more information.

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