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Updated on May 5th, 2023

Depending on the type of immigration application, you will be assigned an IME – UMI – UCI number!

When applying for spouse or family sponsorship to Canada, you may across some unfamiliar terms and abbreviations, such as IME, UMI and UCI. While they may appear similar, there are important differences between all of them. Depending on your situation and the type of immigration you are applying for, you may have an IME number, a UMI number or a UCI number.

What is an IME number?

An IME number is an Immigration Medical Examination number. This is a unique number that is assigned to a specific Immigration Medical Exam. This 8-digit number identifies your medical profile. It is only generated for your Immigration Medical Exam. Therefore, if you are going for an Upfront Medical Exam, you will not have or need an IME number. If you have already completed an Immigration Medical Exam, you will be able to find your IME number through the IRCC online portal. under Medical Report: Client Bio-data and Summary page.

As well, it is important that you have your IME number ready and available for when you do your furtherance tests for your Immigration Medical Exam, such as the chest x-ray and bloodwork.

What is a UMI number?

A UMI number is a Unique Medical Identifier. This is a unique number that identifies an applicant with their specific Upfront Medical Exam. So, while you will not receive an IME number during an Upfront Medical Exam, you will get a UMI number. The UMI number works much like the IME number. You must bring it with you when you go to your furtherance tests, such as the x-ray and blood test.

What is a UCI number?

A UCI number is a Unique Client Identifier. It is a number that the IRCC uses to identify the applicant.
For some types of immigration applications, IME and UMI numbers are not assigned. For such cases, the Panel Physicians will use the client’s UCI number. You can find this number on the IMM1017 form. Like with the IME and UMI numbers, you must have this number available when you go for your furtherance tests, such as your x-ray and blood test. However, you can only use the UCI number, not visa or permit numbers.

Which number should you use?

As you can see, the IME number, UMI number and UCI number all serve different purposes. The one you use will depend on your immigration application situation.

For standard application, such as through Spouse or Family Sponsorship, you will have an IME number and a UCI Number.

For applications involving an Upfront Medical Exam, such as Express Entry, you will only have a UMI number.

Finally, for refugee applicants, you will have an IME number as well as UCI number which can be found your acknowledgement of claim.

Lastly, we hope we have helped you understand the differences between IME -UMI – UCI numbers.

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