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Updated on May 5th, 2023

Here you will find all necessary information regarding an upfront IME for your immigration process, its eligibility, validity and process.

Only certain types of applicants are eligible for an Upfront Immigration Medical Exam

There are two types of Immigration Medical Exams for immigration to Canada – the regular Immigration Medical Exam, and an Upfront Immigration Medical Exam. An upfront medical exam is an IME for patients who do not have an application already in the eMedical system. Furthermore, the upfront medical exam is an option for applicants who want to get their medical exam done before submitting their application, which can help speed up the processing time of the application. To learn further about the difference between the regular IME and Upfront IME, please check our blog on IME vs UMI.

Who can get an upfront immigration medical exam?

All applications are eligible for upfront medical exams.

First, those applying to visit Canada, such as with a parent and grandparent super visa. However, anyone planning to visit Canada for 6 months or less does not require an Immigration Medical Exam.

Second, applicants for work permits to Canada can have an upfront medical exam. Only workers from these countries, who are working in health services or agriculture and are staying for longer than 6 months require an Immigration Medical Exam.

Third, applicants for Express Entry Program. Learn more about the program here.

Finally, students are also eligible for upfront medical exams. Only students from these countries, who are working in health services or agriculture and are staying for longer than 6 months require an Immigration Medical Exam.

What happens during an upfront medical exam?

For an upfront medical exam, you can con contact a panel physician directly. It is the same procedure as a regular immigration medical exam, including a physical examination, x-rays and bloodwork. The only difference is that you will not receive the IMM 1017 Medical Report form from IRCC. Click here to learn more.

How long are the results good for?

Just like with a regular Immigration Medical Exam, the medical results are only valid for 12 months. If you do not come to Canada within that time, you may need to have another exam. Remember, you are responsible for attaching the IME results to your immigration application.


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