Targeted express entry draw

The New Targeted Express Entry Draw is all set to start in January 2023; Immigration News by IME Clinic in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby & More

As per immigration Minister Sean Fraser, the current “all-program draws” of Express Entry Draw pathway is not sufficient to bring in international workforce who best align with the most in-demand occupations in Canada. Therefore, the new targeted express entry draw will help overcome the issue and call-in foreign workforce with appropriate skills and qualifications, as required by different business sectors.

Although the new targeted express entry draw credentials are not presented by IRCC yet (as of Dec, 07th 2022), however, IRCC have stated that it will consult a wide range of stakeholders while creating new categories in its bi-weekly targeted express entry draws.

Read to learn more about express entry, its process and how the new draw is changing including the predicted benefits it will bring to Canadian economy.

What is Express Entry

Express entry is a permanent residency pathway to Canada for skilled workers, residing in Canada and internationally. It is an online points-based system IRCC use to manage and invite skilled workers to fill-in Canadian labor market. Furthermore, there are 3 (three) immigration programs managed under this immigration pathway, namely; Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades Program.


To find out your eligibility for Canadian express entry program, click here to access the online eligibility assessment tool.

How Express Entry Draw Works

There are 2 (two) steps to this program. The first step is to apply online. After successful application submission, you will be entered into a pool. Based on various factors (skills, works experience, education, language ability and more) you will be given points. Top ranking candidates are drawn, and invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada, which is the next step of this process. You will have 90 days to submit your application, after which normal immigration process will take place and permanent residency will be granted (if approved).

Good to know; while in the pool, update your profile as to reflect changes in your status and earn higher points, such as updates in work experience, education and language abilities.

How is Express Entry Draw Changing

The new targeted express entry Draw is designed to overcome the shortage of skilled labor in Canada, in accordance with the new bill (C-19) passed recently. This new bill suggests targeting candidates based on their occupation, education and skill sets. This revised targeted strategy will hopefully help Canada attract new skilled labor force and eventually help Canada once again thrive its economy.

Goal of Targeted Draws

The end goal of this strategy is to focus on addressing specific labor market shortages and weaknesses, while ultimately strengthen Canadian labor market.

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