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We are not currently accepting new bookings for Immigration Medical Exams, including the CUAET Medical Test, at any of our IME Clinic locations until further notice.

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One-Stop IME in New Westminster and North Vancouver with IME Clinic

Immigrating to Canada is exciting, but the process can be stressful for many. One of the requirements for Canadian immigration is completing an Immigration Medical Exam (IME). This exam is necessary to ensure that individuals meet the health standards set by IRCC for immigration. Unfortunately, finding a place to complete all of the IME Tests can be a hassle. You often need to commute to a second location (Lifelabs, X-ray Imaging Clinics) to finalize everything. Well, no more! IME Clinic has a solution for you with One-Stop IME!

Three of our clinics offer a one-stop shop for all your immigration needs. You can complete a one-stop IME in New Westminster, and North Vancouver.

IME Clinic offers a comprehensive and convenient experience for completing the immigration medical exam under one roof, unlike the traditional IME process where you have to visit multiple locations for various tests (physical, urine and blood tests and chest x-ray)

Advantage of One-Stop IME

One of the main advantages of the one-stop IME is the convenience! Completing an IME can be a time-consuming process, and usually require people to take a half-day off work, or more. With everything in one location, patients can now complete their physical exam, urine, blood tests, and chest x-rays in as little as 30 minutes (for one single person. For family, you should expect the process to be longer). This eliminates the need to travel and schedule multiple appointments (as necessary) at different locations and saves time for the patient. Furthermore, for additional details on the benefits of One-Stop IME along with a guide on how to prepare and what to expect, please check out our guide simplifying the IME process with One-Stop IME.

How Does One-Stop IME Work?

One-Stop IME is the fastest way to get all components of your immigration medical exam conducted under one roof. Here is the breakdown of steps for you to understand and follow in order to book and complete your One-Stop IME;

  1. Book your IME at our New Westminster or North Vancouver locations.
  2. Arrive for your appointment with a full bladder and check in with our MOA (Medical Office Assistant), who will provide you with the requisitions for your x-rays and blood/urine tests.
  3. Undergo your X-ray, blood test, and urine test directly with our technician inside the clinic.
  4. After completing all the necessary tests, the panel physician by IME Clinic will conduct the final physical exam.
  5. Leave our clinic with a peace of mind, as we will take care of the rest!

Important: The physical exam is conducted by an IRCC registered panel physician at IME Clinic, ensuring that all medical standards for immigration are met. The lab tests and chest x-rays are conducted by respective radiology and laboratory, which are also conveniently located within the same building. This collaborative approach allows for a seamless experience and ensures that all results are submitted to IRCC in a timely manner.

Patient Experience With Our One-Stop Complete IME

Our one-stop IME is a relatively new service aiming to provide a seamless process for everyone looking for a Canadian immigration medical exam. Although being so fresh, we have already served a variety of people, who have left glowing reviews for our one-stop complete IME service and have mentioned us as a 5-star provider. This speaks to the high level of professionalism and attention to detail that we offer. Please check below what others have to say about our one-stop IME service.

Jashan, D. (May, 2023)


Nice and well maintained clinic. All services are available within the clinic, so you don’t have to worry about going to different labs and getting tests done and everything got done within 30 mins. Would recommend for getting your immigration medical done with no worries at all. Thank you IME for the service.

Yuki, S. (April, 2023)


I had a good experience with my IME today. I went there on Tuesday morning. It was not crowded at all. Paid at the front counter and was given a bottle to collect 30mL urine using the washroom on the second floor. Went back the clinic and put the urine sample on the counter. Then I was invited into the X-ray room to take a chest X-ray. The staff was nice and helped me check if the picture was clear enough for the radiologist to interpret. Then I moved to the next room and got my blood test. It was simple and not very time consuming.,

Ash, M. (April, 2023)


5 star rating!,

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