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We are not currently accepting new bookings for Immigration Medical Exams, including the CUAET Medical Test, at any of our IME Clinic locations until further notice.

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Require Medical for Immigration? Choose IME Clinic!

If you require an Immigration Medical Exam as part of your Canada Immigration application, you have come to the right place! IME Clinic can help you throughout the process! Besides our core objective of providing quality services in a caring and supportive environment, the following are some other reasons why you should book your medical for immigration with IME Clinic.

IME Clinic Inc. Pricing with Required Tests Guide

We charge $200 for kids (aged 14 and under), and $240 for adults (aged 15 and above) for the immigration physical exam. Depending on your age you may be required a chest x-ray, urine and blood tests which are conducted and billed separately at x-ray clinics and laboratories nearby.

Below you can check which tests are required for your immigration medical exam, dependent on your age;

Age 0-4

Physical Exam

Age 5-10

Physical Exam + Urine Test

Age 11-14

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray

Age 15 & Above

Physical Exam + Urine Test + Chest X-Ray + Blood Test

Please contact us if you require any further information about IME Clinic Inc. or need assistance with our online booking system.