Why Choose IME Clinic Inc.

Require an Immigration Medical Exam as part of your Canada’s Immigration application? You have come to the right place. IME Clinic Inc. can help you throughout the process!

Besides our core objective of providing quality services in a caring and supportive environment, the following are some other reasons why you should book your Immigration Medical Exam with IME Clinic Inc.

why choose IME Clinic Inc.
  • Firstly, we will provide you with all the information you would require and will assist in the process.

  • Secondly, we have many Registered Panel Physicians under our umbrella for you to choose from, as per your comfort. So check Our Registered Panel Physicians to find out more.
  • Additionally, Our Registered Panel Physicians Use the eMedical system for faster submission of your case to IRCC.
  • Also, we not only provide IME services for permanent and temporary residence applicants. But also for work and student permit applicants. We even provide IME services if you need to extend your visitor permit for six months or more.

  • Moreover, our Clinics are located near you! We are at your service with a very short commute with multiple locations across Lower Mainland, BC. Check Our Locations to find out more.

  • Patients from all over Canada are accepted by IME Clinic Inc. Thus, whether you come from Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, or even Toronto, Montreal or Calgary, we are here to help.

  • We promote regular health checks for a healthier society.
  • Lastly, we support (SME) Student Medical Exam, a new regulation by CMES (Canada Medical Exam Society) to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases and viruses in school and college students.
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All the doctors we work with have a flat fee of $260 per adult, $200/kid (under 15 years old). The price EXCLUDES the blood test and Xray, which will be charged separately to the other clinics (Lifelabs and Downtown Radiology)

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